Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of music.
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The Salem Singers male chorus has had many different members over their many years, but one thing has always stood true. They sing under the motto "Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of music". Traveling the region and the world singing the praises of our Lord.
Request a performance and learn how we bring the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and music to your church or event.
Paradise Island Chapel
Ray Lutke, Chaplain
3100 Turner Rd SE Salem OR 97302
Sunday January 15th
10 AM
Dallas Retirement Village
Hillary Boyce, Contact person
377 NW Jasper Rd,, Dallas, OR 97338-1279
Sunday March 12th
3:00 PM
Christian Church of Crabtree
Rev. Dave Nolte; Norman Hedlund, Contact Person
Contact Person: 541-619-8688
P.O. Box 90 Crabtree, OR 97335
Sunday April 9th
11:00 AM
Capital Manor
Tom Canaga, Contact Person
1955 Salem Dalles Hwy NW, Salem, OR 97304
Sunday April 9th
3:30 PM
Keizer Community Church
Rev. Don Stephens
380 Churchdale Ave. N, Keizer, OR
Sunday September 10th
6:00 P.M.
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The Salem Singers men's Chorus is proud to share their gift with you, and share the love of God with their words and voices.
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